Clients speak

Archbishop Mitty High School

San Jose, California

Archbishop Mitty High School discusses the easy transition from a former school accounting provider and the ease of accessing reports. “The process is so much easier than with our prior process that it was definitely a time saver for me…it made a big difference in my work schedule.”

Getting reports is easy: “I’ve created ten custom reports through Smart; and the other ones I use all the time, they email them to me on the date I want them.”

Interaction with Blackbaud is also smooth as the systems can mirror each other. “I could get reports off Smart Tuition much faster than I could off Blackbaud, so we decided to start using Smart Tuition in the last six months as our sole billing and accounting record.”

Easy to access reports. Smooth interaction with Blackbaud. Time Saver. That’s Smart Tuition!