financial aid need assessment

Customizable application for financial aid need assessment

Smart Aid allows schools to customize questions on the application to gather the information desired from families. The online application is available in English or Spanish and is easy to complete. Your school can also customize over 50 calculation points based on your school policies and enrollment parameters.

Our unique HIL Profile reveals family Hobbies, Interests, & Lifestyle choices

Only Smart Aid adds a new dimension to need assessment by employing a proprietary formula that indicates how families use their income. By having a family’s full financial picture, you will be able to make better, more informed decisions on financial aid awards.

Mobile enhanced for families using smart phones and tablets

Mobile phone and tablet use is on the rise with families who are on-the-go. Our platform design is responsive so it is always attractive to view and easy for families to check the status of their application. The user experience is pleasant, speedy, and convenient. Your staff can also quickly access data and reports.

Easily award and notify families plus integration with Smart Tuition

Smart Aid makes communication with families quick and easy. Create your school award letters by using an available template, upload your school logo, and send directly from the website. Financial amounts can be directly applied to Smart Tuition family accounts.

School Administrators:

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