Taking Tuition Mobile

In the age of instant gratification, we are accustomed to immediate information access. So when a website doesn’t display correctly or when we have trouble filling out a form via our smartphone, we are more apt than ever to seek out a vendor who offers the convenience of a mobile application.  The bottom line is that ignoring mobile could very well cost a company a customer.  If you’re still not convinced, check out these compelling statistics from Erik Qualman of Socialnomics.

Tuition payment software users are no exception. Busy parents balancing work, school, and extracurricular activities are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies. They want the option to make a tuition payment the minute they get the reminder, perhaps while they’re in line at the grocery store.  They might take the time to apply for financial aid during soccer practice. That means a reliable mobile tuition solution for online payments.

Smart Tuition offers school tuition management solutions for families, providing a mobile application option for their payments and fees. And the latest release of Smart Aid, our financial aid software and assessment tool, will provide families with the option of applying for aid over a mobile device.

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App or Mobile Web?

Now that we have established the importance of going mobile, it is also important to distinguish between a mobile site and a mobile application.  A mobile website is a traditional website that is specifically designed to display on a smaller, handheld device.  However, a mobile application is downloaded to a user’s individual device and can often be accessed without the need for an internet connection.  According to customer and market surveys, user preference for mobile apps far outweighs that of mobile sites. Take a look.


app on the web


These compelling statistics affirm Smart Tuition’s creation of its mobile app, and apps offer some key benefits.  They allow for more personalization and more data manipulation.  However, when schools and parents do access our system without the app, we have found that building a responsive site is preferred. With a responsive site, you aren’t redirected, and you still get the same experience of your web-based application.


Regardless of user preference for apps or mobile sites, Smart Tuition allows you the flexibility of choice.  And as school and parent mobile use continues to rise, we will continue to increase our functionality and intuitive UI/UX.  We promise easy access…on any device.


Matt Knapp

Matt Knapp

Matt Knapp was appointed President of Smart Tuition in September of 2013. Prior to accepting the head leadership position at Smart, Matt directed new sales activities at the FACTS Management division of Nelnet Corporation as a Senior Vice President. In Matt’s ten years at FACTS, he was consistently a top producing salesperson within the entire K-12 education payment industry. His career has centered upon the use of technology for education, training, accounting, and payments processing. Matt distinguished himself early in his career as the youngest, certified Dale Carnegie Sales Instructor worldwide. Matt is a graduate of Samford University, a private liberal arts college in Birmingham, Alabama. Matt’s drive for building solid customer relationships, his enthusiasm for sharing the latest technology, and his desire to serve others with empathy and integrity makes Matt a natural leader. Matt is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.


Smart Tuition Introduces New 2016 Brochure

Smart Tuition Introduces New 2016 Brochure

Smart Tuition is pleased to present our new 2016 Brochure.  The brochure includes the mission and purpose for using Smart Tuition as well as our differentiators that make us the premier billing and payments processing solution for private schools. Click

Smart Tuition:  Attending Blackbaud User Conference in Boston, July 13-15, 2016

Smart Tuition: Attending Blackbaud User Conference in Boston, July 13-15, 2016

Smart Tuition will be taking an active role in the Blackbaud User Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on July 13-15th. Over 900 participants will be attending the conference to learn about Blackbaud and Smart Tuition products and services as well as

Smart Tuition + Blackbaud Premium Billing Solution

Smart Tuition + Blackbaud Premium Billing Solution

Together, Smart + Blackbaud are creating a superior user experience for your school families.  For school business officers, using Smart’s premium billing solution for all families provides one system for invoicing, payment data consolidation, and financial reporting.  Now available to